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Support and guidance of international students

What does Fontys stand for?

We offer challenging, high-quality and well-organised education. Education at Fontys is based on the pillars of knowledge, skills, professional attitude and personal attention. Our aim is to prepare you for a professional career by challenging and guiding you to discover and develop your talents.

By signing the Code of Conduct International Students Fontys has committed itself to agreements reached by (representatives of) institutions for higher education in respect of contacts with international students.

Because Fontys receives increasing numbers of international students every year, Fontys would like to give additional care and attention to their well-being and prevent them from incurring study delays or becoming isolated. Experience has shown that international students often require additional attention and guidance to make them feel at home and to make studying at Fontys a positive experience.

After all, these students are already taking an enormous step by coming to the Netherlands. For most of them, this is an unknown country and they have to become acquainted with the educational institute and the Dutch educational system as well as starting their study programme - all within a short period of time. This is not always easy, especially when you consider that in addition to organising their study, the students also have to organise all kinds of practical matters in the Netherlands and build up a (new) social life and network. Click here to read more about Living and studying in the Netherlands.

  • Personal attention

The atmosphere in our classes is open and the relationships between students and teachers are rather informal. We encourage questions and discussions in class. Each student has a personal student coach throughout their course of studies, with whom you can discuss your study progress, concerns and career wishes.

Infographic guidance international students

At Fontys we like to discuss with you to define what you need to study as successfully as possible. Your student coach is the first person you go to with questions or concerns. Do you have questions regardig your study choice, or are there additional circumstances that require extra attention, or do you want to combine elite sport with studying? We like to offer all students custom-tailored guidance.

  • Studentcoach

As a student you are paired up with a student coach in the first year of your study at Fontys. Your student coach can help you with questions, (financial) concerns, tracks your study performance and gives practical tips and advice where necessary. Do you want to switch your study programme? Your studentcoach can help guide you to a different study programme. Within the study programme there are several options for extra guidance, for example when you experience fear of faillure, a difficult home situation or the loss of a loved one. Do you have the need for extra guidance with planning, setting up priorities or preparing for an exam? That is also possible.

  • Personal circumstances

Being away from home can make you feel different concerning certain subjects. Being around with friends seems to be something totally new. And it is likely you need to deal with struggles being away from home. You don't know other students, you may feel lonely and all of a sudden you start doubting things you never thought about at all in your home country. Fontys has a lot of facilities like the student sports centre or studentclubs to meet new people. For short term based psychological support you can visit our studentpsychologist. You can find small support in issues concentrating, procrastination, self confidence, feelings of inferiority, anxiety, stress or panic, issues sleeping or other struggles with being away from home.

  • Studying with special circumstances

A disability in any form, be it physical or psychological, can mean that studying costs you a lot of energy and that you need more time than someone without a disability. At Fontys, we look at your options and guide you if you are limited in your functioning for whatever reason, for example dyslexia, autism, ADHD/ADD, psychological complaints, family circumstances and chronic diseases. For support with studying with special circumstances you can visit our student counselors. You can contact our student counselors via phone (call +318 85080000) or e-mail (send an e-mail to info@fontys.nl). Examples of facilities within Fontys are extra study guidance, online tool Kurzweil, adjusted study schedule, adjusted form of assessment, extra time with taking exams, housing and accessibility.

  • Study and elite sport

Are you an elite athlete while studying at Fontys? Fontys has developed an elite sport policy to create an optimum climate for both elite sporting and academic achievements.

  • Study and entrepreneurship

Are you starting or expanding your own company while studying at Fontys? The Fontys Center for Entrepreneurship (CvO) supports and stimulates student entrepreneurs in the field of entrepreneurship. It has created an environment where you as a student are supervised and coached when you start your own business while studying at Fontys. Due to its rich knowledge, network and expertise, the CvO is a focused environment for discovering, preparing, guiding and launching an entrepreneurial career for all its Fontys student entrepreneurs.

We advise you to make an appointment with a student counselor to discuss your circumstances. You can do that either via phone (call +318 85080000) or e-mail (send an e-mail to info@fontys.nl).