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key skills

  • Interdisciplinarity

    To maintain an environment of creative quality, we must find nourishment in other disciplines. As a student at AMPA, you share this environment with colleagues from the arts schools at FHK from the field of music, dance, theater and fine arts.

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  • International Connectedness

    Connections with the international music world, an open attitude and a will to work with musicians and institutes in other countries are vital elements for a constantly developing art form

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  • Collective Entrepreneurship

    When you finish the program, you are faced with the challenge of conquering a place within the professional field. We therefore instil our students with strong sense of entrepreneurship. This will allow you to market your musical talents and skills with confidence and conviction.

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  • Ensemble playing

    AMPA aims to train you to become a top qualified artist. In today’s networked societies, crucial skills for people, and therefore for artists, include being able to communicate and to create and maintain good networks. These are prerequisites for allowing your creativity to blossom.

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  • Practice-based Research

    Research is an important driving force in the development of any profession, and music is no exception. As an AMPA-students, you are encouraged to deepen your expertise in music through practice-based research.

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  • Self-Management

    To help you become an independent, confident and responsible artist, it is essential that we help you develop self-management skills, both on an individual level and on the level of the collective. We see self-management as your ability to master your own talents and make optimum use of the opportunities offered by AMPA. It will help you grow from an interested young person with a natural curiosity into a productive, balanced individual with a healthy work ethic.

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