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PBS7000 Capstone Project

In this Module students will independently select, research and analyse a significant managerial decision based on a problem or an opportunity or issue. The Project is the final assessed piece of work of the master’s Programme. It is intended to investigate a real management situation, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to use the knowledge and skills acquired through the taught elements of the course in context.

During the study, a range of lectures and workshops will be organised to support understanding of the research process and facilitate your achievement of the intended learning outcomes of this module. This Project module is the vehicle through which a student, as a master’s level student, can show that the student is able to work at a level defined by a University’s level M descriptor. That is, students ‘should be working within complex, unpredictable and normally specialised fields demanding innovative work which involves exploring the current limits of knowledge’.

Students have different options for completing the capstone project requirements:

Original Research: A research project within a management area that includes designing a study and engaging in the appropriate research process. The project should address a theory or knowledge gap, and results in clearly defined new knowledge that is original.

Company-based (consultancy) project: students identify a problem/issue in a real organisation which they choose to explore in depth and provide solutions/ recommendations.

New product/service/business development: a proposal for an original, new product or service/business, or a substantial modification of an existing product/service/business. Student should provide a convincing rational for the new product/service/business, a strategic plan for its development, and focus clearly on its targeted market.