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Paulien van Schaik


Study activities for your major will consist of: 
• individual and group lessons
• independent study
• concerts, projects and ensemble activities
• lessons and masterclasses from your personal budget


You will perform in the following recitals and exams in order to complete work on your major:
• recital 1 at the end of the first year of the Master (45 minutes)
• final recital at the end of the second year of the Master (60 minutes)


  • You will be asked to submit a personal development plan, in which you outline your plans for the upcoming years of study and a CV.
  • Candidates that live in the Netherlands, Belgium or western Germany will do a live audition. Candidates from other countries will do an online audition.
  • The audition should consist of a 20-30 minute programme, with a free choice of repertoire. You can choose from a variety of music styles at least containing some standard Jazz or contemporary jazz material. If you have written some original material, please include that in your programme.
  • In the audition, you will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate rhythmical, melodic and harmonic insights, as well as phrasing and interpretation.We may also do some vocal exercises to check your range and see if there are no technical obstrucitons to work intensively with the voice.We are interested to see how you arrange and interpret covers or standards, and see your musical personaliy / identity shining through.
  • For the live audition bring your own band or accompanist.
  • For the video audition the video needs to be recorded 'live' with a band or at least 1 accompanist