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Kees van den Bergh

Anthony Fiumara

Celia Swart

Aart Strootman


Study activities for your major will consist of: • individual and group lessons• independent study• composing for concerts and projects• lessons and masterclasses from your personal budget


You will complete two assessments to complete work on your major:• presentation 1 at the end of the first year of the Master (45 minutes)• final presentation at the end of the second year of the Master (60 minutes)


  • You will be asked to submit a personal development plan, in which you outline your plans for the upcoming years of study and a CV
  • Candidates that live in the Netherlands, Belgium or western Germany will do a live audition. Candidates from other countries will do an online audition.
  • The entrance exam consists of two parts. Duration of the first part is 20 minutes.
  • Part 1: Review of your digitalportfolio. The portfolio must contain at least three compositions, both scores(PDF files) andsound recordings (MP3 or WAV files) or video (YouTube, Vimeo). We would also like to receive a short biography with date of birth, previous education, musical experience, musical preferences, plans and dreams for the future, etc. The committee will assess whether the student has sufficient talent and motivation, and is open-minded towards new, innovative music.
  • Part 2: Once we receive the necessary documents, the Admissions Committee will review your work. If the result is positive,you will be invited for an interview, live or online.