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Alda Avdic Alagic

Bio Alda Avdic Alagic

Alda is an architect, educator and researcher with Bosnian roots and Dutch upbringing and education. She has extensive international experience in research, design, and teaching at institutions such as TU Eindhoven, Soongsil University Seoul, Ghent University and Research & Design Groups in Urban Strategies and Regional Entrepreneurship. She serves as representative of the academy in Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts management team and cluster of academies named Performance & Design. Additionally, she is involved in- and develops various educational, research and design initiatives with different stakeholders at the academy and wider. Her research focuses on networks of practices and their spatialities. From the perspective of complexity and networks, she has researched emerging regions in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium while her recent work gravitates towards (maker) spaces encompassing networks of practices in cultural entrepreneurship, arts and design.

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Architect, educator and researcher

‘my ambition is to understand, facilitate and shape networks and sociospatial conditions for extraordinary things to happen’