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The Dance Academy and the Academy for Teacher training in Dance have a flourishing and extensive alumni network. We know where our graduates can be found and what they do. Examples are: Katja Heitmann, Pia Meuthen, Arno Schuitemaker and Ruben Garcia Arabit.

Stay Connected

The Fontys Dance Academy thinks it’s very important to keep in touch with our former students.

You are our ambassadors in the working field. You carry out the good name of Fontys Dance and contribute to a positive image. You develop dance in all aspects and contribute to the debate on dance in society. You influence your own social cultural and political circles. You influence future dance education and help young students to find their way.

What's in it for you?

You become a member of the network of more than 700 Fontys dancers, dance teachers and choreographers where you can contact each other. Information which is vital will be posted in our groups; Facebook, LinkedIn Alumni Fontys Dance and through an audition/vacancy mailing list. You will participate in future education through internships, as guest teacher or guest choreographer. You can continue to use the media library. You will be invited for performances or events. 

We invite you to participate in this Alumni Fontys Dance network. And best of all: it’s free!

Please sign in and be very welcome!

Are you a graduate of the Dance Academy and would you like to register as a member of the network Alumni Fontys Dance? Choose from the following two options: