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About Eindhoven

Is Eindhoven the city you want to study in? It's nice to know what this city has to offer. Find out more about living and studying in Eindhoven and what study programmes can be found here.

The Eindhoven region, situated in the South-East of the Netherlands, is a prime technology hub for innovation. It is home to prominent businesses, knowledge and research institutes, and is internationally recognized as the 'Brainport Region', a center of science and technology in Europe. Eindhoven is a vibrant student city with a diverse range of facilities available.

The 'Brainport Eindhoven' region provides an excellent environment for pursuing a professional career. This is where high-tech companies design and enhance cutting-edge industrial and consumer products for customers worldwide.

Christina and Denisa talk about studying in Eindhoven

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Christina and Denisa talk about studying in Eindhoven