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Motorsport Engineering

  • Starts February and September
  • Dutch, English
  • 30 ECTS
  • 5 months
Would you like to work on projects within the area and community of motorsports?

About this minor

You will gain specific knowledge of all technical aspects that contribute to road holding and handling of motor vehicles on a track or off-road at high speeds, including the aerodynamics. Representatives from the business community provide guest lectures on themes.

As a student you will have the opportunity to build and test motorsport vehicles, perform data analyses on a race track and work with racing teams. You will discuss all technical issues that affect the vehicle dynamics and take decisions to achieve the best possible result as a team.

Why the minor Motorsport Engineering?

  • Work with businesses to create innovative and useful products
  • Close cooperation with automotive companies in the Brainport Region
  • Learn in a high tec automotive lab
  • Full attention for your passion, and personal guidance to get the best out of you

More about this minor

The Minor Motorsport Engineering maintains close links with the motorsport development industry, raceteams and motorsport related organisations and is a preferred source of Benelux raceteams in the field of data acquisition.

We have successful graduates working in all levels of Motorsports, including: Formula One development, BTCC, VLN, TCR, WTCC, ADPCR, DSC, Dakar Truck Development, Mazda MX5-cup, Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux, GT4 Euro series, etc.

Build and test motorsport vehicles, perform data analyzes on a race track and work with racing teams!

Unique experience

Build and test motorsport vehicles, perform data analyzes on a race track and work with racing teams!





Minor consists of lessons and a project. The topics of the theoretical courses are the backbone in the final project.

The course consists of the following topics:

  • MDA: Motorsport Data acquisition
  • MEP: Engine Performance
  • MSD: Structural design, like safety cages and wiring
  • MVD: Vehicle Dynamis
  • MVA: Vehicle Aerodynamics

All 3 credits and the final project is 15 credits.

You will receive your EC’s based on reports and deliverables for all subjects and projects.


Entry requirements

To participate in the minor motorsport Engineering, the student must have obtained a propaedeutic certificate in Engineering.



How to apply for this minor


From 1 February (00:00) you can apply for a minor that starts in September 2024. The application period ends on 1 July 2024 at the latest.

Some minors have a numerus fixus, which means that a minor closes the application early, make sure to make your choice on time!


The application for minors that start in February 2025 goes from July 1st 2024 until December 15 2024.

To attend a minor you have to

  • Have passed the propaedeutic phase or;
  • Have permission from the examination board of your study programme

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