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Dining out

Restaurants & bars

The cities of Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo all have large numbers of restaurants and bars. You should not find it difficult to find a restaurant or bars where you can eat a tasty and satisfying meal at a reasonable price. Many restaurants also offer a wide range of international dishes.

Takeaway food

Takeaway restaurants and cafés offer food at relatively low prices and there are many to choose from in all Dutch cities.


These cities host many bars where you can enjoy genuine student culture. Students also have their favourite bars, pubs, restaurants and other meeting places. Generally, the Dutch higher education community seeks to be a part of society, rather than isolating itself.

In some bars, for around 7 – 15 Euros, you can also eat a nice meal.

Recreation & culture

Catching a movie, enjoying the nightlife, pop concerts, visiting museums and/or going to the theatre – each of these cities offer plenty of options. If you visit a museum, or go to a show or the cinema, you may also receive a discount by showing your Student Pass.

The International Students Team can provide you with a city guide regarding your new living and studying environment.

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