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Dance Arts in Context

Discover the vibrant world of dance with Dance Arts in Context. Tailored for those passionate about exploring dance in a diverse cultural and artistic environment, this programme offers unique opportunities to dive deep into the intersection of dance and society.

About the exchange programme

Fontys Dance Arts in Context offers a 4 year full-time study programme that gives young dance artists and makers the education to develop their own signature and create their own performance work. Our three flagship profiles: Contemporary, Contemporary Urban, and Bachelor in Choreography enable students to explore contemporary dance practices and techniques with a view to collaborating with different art forms to make performance work that is innovative, challenging and exciting. The programme is accessible for students from our partner universities who follow a bachelor in dance performance.

Why this programme?

  • Gain unparalleled exposure to international dance cultures and practices, enriching your artistic expression.
  • Collaborate with world-renowned artists and peers in a creative, interdisciplinary environment.
  • Benefit from personalized mentorship, fostering your growth as a dynamic dance professional.

What to expect from us?

We place our students at the centre of a fantastic team of teachers and choreographers, in exceptional training facilities, alongside 14 other art programmes ranging from Circus and Architecture to Visual Arts and Music. Authentic, curious and distinctive dance artists work in an inclusive learning environment, where individual growth and co-operative exploration are equally prized. Practical work is underpinned by an extensive and rigorous training and research programme that includes a wide range of performance and movement practices. We educate our students to create, think and produce collaboratively. They become dance makers and dance leaders who have their own voice, who take ownership of their own careers and who go on to take up meaningful positions throughout both the performing arts field and wider society.

What do we expect from you?

Our students are the creators of and performers in their own work. They also perform in and contribute meaningfully to the work of others. We specifically appreciate students who challenge our ideas of what a dance artist is. We want hard-working, bright-thinking dancers from different backgrounds with an urgent interest in creative, playful, conceptual and resonant dance making




Content of the programme

The bachelor Dance, Theatre Dance performance consists of two different graduate profiles:

Dance Arts in Context (DAC) and Contemporary Urban (CU).

Dance Arts in Context and Contemporary Urban are two branches of training which share the same basic program, although they differ in elaboration and specialisation.

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Improvisation
  • Performance studies
  • Creation
  • Movement research
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Choreography
  • History
  • Dramaturgy
  • Communication
  • Anatomy

  • Students are working with guest choreographers,
  • Projects where students are guided in developing their own work,
  • Interdisciplinary projects,
  • Projects in public space and other spaces/contexts.

Extra classes in:

  • Contemporary
  • Improvisation
  • Butoh

Weekly classes in Urban dance as created in the nineteen eighties in the American urban subculture. This includes Hiphop (popping, locking, B-boying and house) and Authentic Jazz. And non-European urban styles such as Contemporary African dance and fusion techniques such as Physical Dynamics.



Admission requirements

The program is accessible for students from the partner universities of Fontys Dance Arts in Context who follow a bachelor in dance performance. The program is in English. Therefore, you will be expected to have a good command of English, whereby you will be able to make yourself understood, in spoken and written language, and to follow instructions in English language. Following the selection, exchange students will be nominated for the second or third year of the programme



How to apply as an exchange student

Before you can apply for an Exchange programme in one of the Arts, you need to send in a portfolio. Depending on the school you wish to study, either a DVD, a CD, a link to a blog or Youtube or other is required. Furthermore we need some personal details like your name and address, a CV and a motivation letter, your current year of study and study results. Applications should be sent to the contact person of the department and always be approved by your International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university.

Application for Dance

The exchange programme 'Dance' is accessible for students from the partner universities of Fontys Dance Academy who follow a bachelor in dance performance. Selection of exchange students will be based on a footage of work (web link), a motivation letter, CV and portfolio.

1. CV

  • CV with photo, full contact data and date of birth.
  • The name of the dance academy you are studying.

2. Motivation letter

The motivation letter should include:

  • Your reasons for specifically applying to Fontys Dance Academy.
  • Also state clearly for which profile of training (1) 'Dance Arts in Context' or (2) 'Contemporary Urban' you like to apply
  • The period you like to study with us.

    3. Footage of work

Send a web link. The footage should include:

  • 5 minutes (max) of ballet technique work (including extracts of barre, centre and travelling)
  • 5 minutes (max) of contemporary technique work (including extracts from static, centre/dynamic and travelling)
  • If applicable; 5 minutes (max) of contemporary urban styles and battles when applying for Contemporary Urban profile
  • A solo dance of approximately 1.5 minutes duration which should include elements of contemporary dance
  • A creative/improvisation dance task to assess your creative and choreographic skills

4. Transcript of records

Applications should always be approved by your International Exchange (or Erasmus) Officer at the home university and be sent by mail to the contact person of the department of your choice.

Specific deadline for Arts programmes to send in portfolio

  • Spring semester: 30 August - 15 September
  • Fall semester: 15 February - 15 April

Once the school has reviewed your portfolio, and considered it positive, you will receive the outcomes within 2 weeks.
Fontys will send you a link to an online application form. The online application system is called Mobility Online.


How will your course programme be recognised by your home university?

Fontys will provide you with a so-called ‘Transcript of Records’, which will clarify the results that you have achieved. Depending on your results, you will receive a maximum of 30 ECTS credits. ECTS credits are recognised throughout Europe. The agreement between your home university and Fontys University of Applied Sciences will usually include a condition whereby the credits that you obtain will be recognised and transferred into the records kept by your home university.

The number of ECTS you receive for this programme can differ between 20 and 30 ECTS.


Practical information

Start moment(s)
September, February
16-24 weeks
Contact hours
30 hours per week

*The number of ECTS you receive for this programme can differ between 20 and 30 ECTS.

Fontys does not provide scholarships for its exchange students.

For more detailed information about practical matters, such as financial matters, residence permit, health insurance and accommodation, please click on the button below.


Location and contact


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Contact person: Chilton Galimo