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Diploma supplement

All students graduating from a Degree programme at Fontys Hogescholen (Fontys University of Applied Sciences) receive an English Diploma Supplement.Automatically and free of charge. In October 2011 the European Commission announced, that Fontys Hogescholen has been awarded the Diploma Supplement Label (DS Label).

The Diploma Supplement is an attachment to the certificate and provides insight into the level, nature and content of the study programme that was successfully completed. It includes a description of the study programme that was pursued and the results gained. The Diploma Supplement has been implemented within the scope of the Bologna process to improve the ‘transparency’ and equivalence in higher education in Europe and the professional and academic recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates etc.).

The Diploma Supplement provides future international employers or institutions for follow-up studies insight into the main elements of the study programme that was pursued (the transcript of credits with the amount of ECTS credits achieved). Fontys is also entitled to carry the Europass logo.

The Fontys Diploma Supplement is issued in English and has been developed in accordance with the template that has been developed by a joint European Commission Council of Europe – UNESCO/CEPES working party. It includes a description of the study programme that was pursued, as well as information on the Dutch education system.

Fontys Grade Distribution Table

To help other universities and your potential employers interpret the value of your grades, Fontys publishes Grade Distribution Tables for Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates.

More information about Fontys Grade distribution table