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Webinar: Learn more about studying at Fontys

Are you curious about student life in the Netherlands? Do you wonder what studying at Fontys University of Applied Sciences is like, or what kinds of programmes we offer? Learn more about Fontys in our on-demand webinar!

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What are the topics?

The webinar is structured to guide you through various aspects of studying at Fontys and living in the Netherlands. Here's what you'll find in each chapter:

  • Fontys for Society: Learn more on how Fontys contributes to society and what sets us apart from other institutions.
  • Introduction: A brief overview of what to expect from the webinar and an introduction to Fontys.
  • University of Applied Sciences vs Research University: Understand the differences and decide which fits your educational goals.
  • Fontys cities: Information about the Fontys campuses and what they offer to students.
  • Studying in NL: Get essential insights into the Dutch education system and student life in the Netherlands.
  • Fields of Interest: Learn about the diverse fields of study available at Fontys and find which one fits your interests.
  • Bachelor programmes at Fontys: Learn about our bachelor programmes, including structure, subjects, and unique opportunities.
  • Practical information: Details about application processes, admission requirements, and more.
  • Accommodation: Tips and advice for finding accommodation, ensuring a comfortable stay while you study.