Library PressDisplay contains more than 7,000 newspapers from more than 100 countries in 60 languages. In this collection, leading newspapers are included, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, The Washington Post.

This database provides access to not only to the most recent editions, but also contains an archive of all newspapers from up to 90 days ago. The complete newspapers are presented in their original formats.


On/Off campus via Library PressDisplay.

On/Off campus via PressReader.

PressReader App on tablet en smart phone set up instructions:

1. Connect your smartphone or tablet to authenticated Wi-Fi at a Fontys location.
Use your username and password from Fontys ( or
2. Download PressReader from app store or go to (on this page there are more possibilities for installing the app on other devices).
3. Launch PressReader, choose your title and enjoy reading, also works off campus.

Instruction for the use on your mobile device or tabloid.

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