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Many resources of information made available by Fontys can be easily searched using Fontys Finder. Information resources that are not searchable with Fontys Finder (for example, figures and visual material), can be found in all databases.

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The Fontys Library is the digital entrance to information resources and

online help and support. In addition, knowledge partners are ready to give you personal advice on finding and processing information.

At some locations this is possible. Look at the services close to you.
Online information resources will be accessible and available anytime, anywhere.

If you have borrowed books, you can return them to these postal addresses free of charge:

  • Location Tilburg -- Return materials, Antwoordnummer 454, 5000 VB Tilburg
  • Location Eindhoven -- Return materials, Antwoordnummer 10069, 5600 VB Eindhoven
  • Location Venlo -- Return materials, Antwoordnummer 1086, NL-5900 VB Venlo
  • Location Sittard -- Return materials, Antwoordnummer 1040, 6130 VB Sittard
JYes, that is certainly possible. Fontys University of Applied Sciences is going to work with Study Hubs, for example. These are places where you can get together, but also study of course. There are also opportunities on each campus to use common areas for your studies.

Every information resource available within and offered by Fontys University of Applied Sciences has its own information page. Here you will find relevant information about the particular resource as well as the direct link to the database. Please note that not all information resources offer content you can find with Fontys Finder. Fontys University of Applied Sciences, for example, also offers resources that allow you to generate your own reports.
You can find all e-journals offered within Fontys University of Applied Sciences using BrowZine. With this tool, you can even select and read your favourite magazines in an easy way.
Yes indeed, within Fontys University of Applied Sciences we offer the Library Access browser extension from Sage Lean Library. This browser extension gives you easy online access to Fontys' licensed content.

Are you doing literature research and could you use some help? The knowledge partners would be happy to help you. Contact them at

You can also access help and support online, such as the online course 'SearchWise' and other tools. View all tools.

With Google scholar you can easily perform broad searches for scientific literature. Google Scholar has useful additional search functions. For example, you can sort your results by date, search in a specific language or in a specific period. In combination with the Library Access browser extension from Sage Lean Library, you can immediately see whether you have access to the full article via Fontys.
It may happen that an e-book is already in use and you cannot therefore use this same e-book. Try again at a later time.
It can sometimes help if you delete the cookies and cache from your browser. It may also help if you close and then reopen your browser screen.
If you cannot find an e-book and you need it for your studies, you may request it from We will first check if this title is available digitally. After that, the title will possibly be purchased.