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Internship and graduation assignments

The practice-orientated nature of our study programmes is made possible by the inclusion of contemporary internships and graduation assignments that are conducted at a range of businesses and organisations.

Why employ the services of an intern?

As an employer, if you have particular issues, projects and/or assignments within your organisation that require attention, but you and/or your staff do not have enough time to take the necessary action, then an intern may provide you with an ideal solution, for the following reason:

  • An intern is able to fully focus on the specific practical assignment and/or research requirement in question, whereby he/she will be able to deliver a result in a relevantly short timeframe, which is of added benefit to an organisation.
  • Typically, a student has a fresh outlook in terms of the organisation and its working methods and he/she will view the whole from a different perspective. As an employer, this may provide you with new insights.
  • An intern is armed with good qualifications, is highly educated and is ready and motivated to gain working experience. Thereby, an intern can provide you with a suitable solution for a temporary staffing requirement.

Internship compensation

Offering an internship at your company isn't just about fulfilling a business need; it's about shaping the future workforce. While it’s not mandatory to offer compensation, providing a stipend, whether as a minimum wage or a fixed monthly amount, is standard practice. This is especially true if your organization is covered under a Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) that specifies compensation, or if you operate in a sector with high demand for skilled interns.

Benefits of internship programmes

  • Skill development: Interns bring fresh perspectives and contemporary skills to the table, often contributing to projects with innovative approaches and up-to-date academic knowledge.
  • Recruitment pipeline: Over 20% of interns transition into full-time roles within their internship organisations, significantly reducing your recruitment costs and time.
  • Brand enhancement: Hosting interns enhances your company’s reputation both as an employer and a community contributor, boosting your brand’s visibility and appeal.
  • Educational partnerships: Partnering with Fontys, you’ll gain insights into the evolving educational landscape. Our commitment to aligning academic programs with industry standards ensures that interns are well-prepared and business-ready.

Make an impact

Join us in bridging the gap between education and industry. By offering an internship, you not only contribute to a student’s career development but also position your company as a leader in nurturing the next generation of professionals.