Internship and graduation

Internships are an important part of the training program. These also offer the student an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the professional practice for which he is being trained. It offers the student the opportunity to optimally experience whether he has sufficiently mastered the required competencies. The student also experiences what he can (or must) develop further.


  • Main objective: Orientation by student on the profession of a HBO-ICT specialist.
  • Period within the program: first half of the 3rd year (see figure).
  • Duration: 95 working days.
  • Preferably one large assignment, if necessary. in several related sub-tasks.
  • Case is concluded with a final presentation in the company and with an assessment at school.


  • Main objective: to demonstrate starting ability.
  • Period within the program: second half of the 4th year (see figure).
  • Duration: minimum 85 working days.
  • Consists of one integral assignment at the level of a starting ICT professional.
  • Contains a significant research component.
  • Is concluded with a final presentation at school, the so-called graduation presentation.


The guidance provided by the program is aimed at enabling the student to work and experience as independently as possible. Supervisors watch along, provide feedback and communicate clearly about expectations. The internships start every year in February and at the end of August/September. Graduation can also start at a different time. Interns are third year students and graduating students are fourth year students.

Register a case for Fontys ICT?

After registering an assignment, it will be assessed by one of the internship coordinators. If your order has been approved, you will be notified. The assignment will then also be visible to students in the database. An interested student will contact the contact person of the assignment directly. If you have any questions or need help with entering the assignment, please contact the internship/graduation office of Fontys Hogeschool ICT.