International database platform for finding and exporting your leads. Get The Lead enables you to easily search for companies using our international business database. Access business information on over 153 million B2B and B2C companies in 212 countries and territoria, divided into approximately 4000 unique company activities via our internationally based classification structure. With the available company data you can easily find new leads within your target group, search for specific suppliers and download marketing lists.

Get The Lead not only lets you download general contact information but also includes specific contact persons with their functions and email addresses, websites, specific company activities, founding year, VAT number, employee size, import and export details, social media links and more!


The url to GetTheLead has changed. Please delete your cookies before clicking the link.


On campus via GetTheLead.
Off campus via GetTheLead off campus (with log in)

NB. The number of titles you can download is limited. Therefore filter your results before you start downloading. Use the 'preview' button to decide what you need.
NB. When downloading leads, you need to change the predifined e-mail adress into your own Fontys e-mail adress. You will receive a link to effectively start the download.

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