Academic Writing Assistant


Academic Writing Assistant, developed by the Leuven Language Institute, is a writing tool designed to help students and researchers write academic texts. The tool comprises two components.

Text review

This component offers advice on common language issues, coherence and cohesion, and stylistic matters.
For each of these aspects, the writing tool will highlight possible problems in your text. As comments are generated automatically, not all the elements which are highlighted are necessarily wrong or relevant to your text. Conversely, the tool only focuses on a limited number of aspects, so some mistakes may not be indicated.

Vocabulary resources

This component provides information on specific words and word combinations (e.g., to carry out / conduct research) as well as on the contexts in which they appear.
Double-click a word in your text to copy it automatically to the search field.

Please note

- The application works with 'plain' text, without layout. Use the application during the writing process, not with already formatted text.
- Always be critical and only improve your text if you are convinced yourself.
- Regularly copy your text with changes to prevent that you suddenly lose all your changes.


On/Off campus via Academic Writing Assistant.
This application works on the recent versions of all common browsers. The application is less suitable for tablet and not at all for smartphone.

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