Programme 1st PBS Europe International Conference 12 November 2020

Day two will look at how we can best implement PBIS in our diverse schools throughout Europe. Besides keynotes from US-experts, there will be two parallel strands, one on School-wide PBIS in schools and one on working with PBS in schools related to intellectual disabilities. The day will feature diverse parallel workshops within the two strands.
Sfeerafbeelding Fontys


Amsterdam/Barcelona/Oldenburg: 2-5.15pm CET
Helsinki/Istanbul/Vilnius/Athens/Nicosia: 3-6.15 pm
London/Scotland: 1-4.15 pm
Miami: 6-9.15 am
Portland: 5-8.15 am
Missouri: 7-10.15 am

Sfeerafbeelding Fontys

TimeActivityAims and objectivesWhoRemarks
1.30-2 pmOnline waiting roomCheck in registered participantsParticipants
2-2.10 pmOpening conferenceIntroducing PBS-Europe Network and PBS AllianceTanju Yildirim (ODGEDER); Sui Lin Goei (president PBSE); Ben Higgins (CEO BILD)Building connectiveness
2.10-2.15 pmBreak up in two strandsPBS-Europe; PBS AllianceBreak up according to preregistration keynote
2.15-2.45 pmKeynote PBS EuropeBack to Basics to Build the FutureTim Lewis (University of Missouri, US); (moderator and introduction Tanju Yildirim)PBS-Europe strand
Keynote PBS AllianceAchieving an ordinary lifeEdwin Jones; (moderator and introduction Sarah Leitch)PBS Alliance /BILD strand
2.45-2.55 pmQ&AQ & A in chat per strandModerater Tanju Yildirum and Sarah per strandQuestions are put in the chat during the keynote
2.55-3 pmChange to different workshops16 parallel workshops in two strandsParticipantsBreak out according to preregistration workshops
3-3.45 pm16 parallel workshops
3.45-4 pmBreak 15 minutes
4-4.05 pmCheck inOne main roomParticpantsPBS Europe and PBS Alliance
4.05-4.10 pmIntroductionWelcome, intro and procedureModerator Tanju YildirimQuestions are put in the chat during the closing keynote
4.10-4.40 pmPBS Europe PBS AllianceThe promis to inclusionRandall de Pry (State University of Portland)All participants
4.40-4.45 pmClosing of the conferenceReflections and saying goodbyeTanju Yildirim (ODGEDER) Sui Lin Goei (president PBSE) Ben Higgins (CEO BILD)Building connectiveness
4.45-5 pmSocializingQ&A for Randall de Pry, Sui Lin Goei or Ben Higgins or any other presenterTanju YildirimQuestions are put in the chat


1.1Knowledge and Skill-buildingIntroduction to School-wide PBS: what it is and what it is notAngeline van der KampPBS Europe/Fontys University (Netherlands)
1.2Knowledge and Skill-buildingHow to start implementing PBS in your schoolLale HazarPBS Europe/ODGEDER (Turkey)
1.3Knowledge and Skill-buildingCoaching of School-wide PBSJoke KamstraSWPBS-NL/Windesheim University (Netherlands)
1.4Sharing of knowldegeA Chat with Tim LewisTim LewisUniversity of Missouri (US)
2.1Good PracticeImplementation of PBIS in Lithuania and Czech Republic: from theory to practiceRenata Greimaite, Gintare Sate, Anna Kubichkova, Lenka FelcmanováPBS Europe/Counseling division for children with developmental disabilities. Vilnius, Lithuania/ČOSIV, Prague, Czech Republic
2.2Good PracticeSWPIS in Turkey; An Exemplar in Early Childhood ImplementationLia Yuannidi and Tanju YildirimPBS Europe/ODGEDER (Turkey)
2.3Good PracticeImplementing SWPBIS in special schools in SpainDavid Simó Pinatella
2.4Good PracticeImplementing SWPBIS in special schools in London (UK)Penny BarrettPBS Europe/PBS Alliance/The Bridge Trust (UK)
2.5Good PracticeImplementation of SWPBS in a special school and in a preparatory vocational school in the Netherlands.Bernardine van Eert/Dik van DonselaarPBS Europe/KrommeRijn College/Christelijk College Zeist (Netherlands)
3.1ResearchEmerging technologies within the PBS frameworkGuiseppe Chiazesse, Eleni Mangini and Angelo Scibetto, Gianluca MerloPBS Europe/CNR and ICS Silvio Bocconeschool (Italy, Palermo)
4.1Improving the quality of life for people with ID using PBSWhat we have learned about how to implement PBS in ID servicesSarah LeitchPBS Alliance/BILD (UK)
4.2Improving the quality of life for people with ID using PBSActive Support An essential element of PBS for people with IDDr Edwin JonesPBS Alliance/BILD/Learning Disability and Mental Health Service Delivery Unit, Glanrhyd Hospital, Bridgend
4.3Improving the quality of life for people with ID using PBSWhat is PBS and how does it work for people with IDDr Anne MacDonaldPBS Alliance/BILD/University of Glasgow (UK)
4.4Improving the quality of life for people with ID using PBSOur journey to establish PBS in our ID servicesPlena InclusionPBS Alliance/BILD (UK)