Max Zipf

Max Zipf
Marketing Management
Onderneming: PUꓘE

Have you ever drunk too much alcohol? Yes? Well, you are not alone.

On a sunny evening late in 2021 Max was at a birthday party of a friend. They laughed, had fun, and of course had some alcohol. As on every party, there were different topics, discussions, and talks. One was very interesting, since it was about the still ongoing restrictions with the Coronavirus and that still a lot of people could not party or go out to a bar. With that, they started to talk about the funniest and worst party nights and after effects of alcohol. But then, someone started to talk about these anti hangover shots and different things you can take to minimize the after effects of a hangover.
The funny thing was everyone had different solutions, but no one really had a product in mind that they could buy easily in the supermarket. There are some alternatives, but nothing that they could grab from the shelf, as you might grab a can of Coca-Cola or Red Bull. A couple of days later, Max still had this idea in his mind, that there should be a product directly consumable and directly reachable in everyday supermarkets and not only online.

The idea of PUꓘE, a new anti-hangover drink, was born. Max asked if he could use his own idea to make a business plan, since he was just in the finishing phase of his EPREN Minor. And yes, in December 2021 Max finished his Minor with a ready business plan and with the upcoming 6th semester he had to do his internship. With the beginning of the 6th semester in mid-February 2022 Max started to work 24/7 on the idea and the development of an MVP.

Today, three months later, Max is developing the final recipe with a partner company. He has already different locations to sell and test his product in different EDEKA and Trinkgut stores and is about to launch his marketing campaign as soon as the MVP test phase begins.

For the future, Max is looking forward to launching his product in different supermarkets, test it and get more validation in the upcoming months to optimize his product in the best way possible. He is thinking about developing new flavors and even integrate new products in the long run.

“Hopefully, we can all PUꓘE together soon.”

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Max Zipf