Chaymae Chamsi

Chaymae Chamsi
Studie: International Business
Onderneming: Takschita Royal

Takschita Royal is a small company that designs, sells and rents traditional Moroccan clothing and accessories with modern touches for women, men and children.

In 2017, the founder Chaymae Chamsi discovered a gap in the market through her own experience. Unfortunately, she and her family couldn't find suitable clothes for her cousin's wedding in morocco. Then they had to go to Morocco to have their clothes made to measure. That's how Chaymae met her tailor. Together they came up with all kinds of ideas. But the catch in the whole story was that Chaymae was only 16 at that time. So she had to wait another 2 years to officially become an Entrepreneur.

On her 18th birthday in November 2020, she registered her business and began to take off. First online and at home and then when she noticed that it was getting bigger and bigger she decided to rent a shop in September 2021. On 22.10.2021 she had her grand opening in Kaarst. Half a year later she expanded the shop from 60m^2 to 120m^2.

Customers reach out to Chaymae to find their perfect dress. She offers dresses in every size and budget. Different colours and a high variation in designs. But that is not the only thing. The advisory she offers is one of her main unique selling Points. 90% of the customer, that visit the store, tell her that they are missing the advisory in other stores. Especially in a store with high variations, it is important to guide the customer. They help them to find what they are looking for. And she takes time for them on average 1,5hrs per customer.

Now the story may sound perfect. But it is not. Because some problems arise over time. With time Chaymae recognized that the profit margin is too small. And you don't see any real profits yet. This is a point that Chaymae has to keep an eye on. It's not too dramatic yet. But it will get harder and harder in the future. The key to success is the clients and more structured financial planning. She has to weigh the opportunity costs and see what works best now.

Chaymae has her hands full with that now. And she hopes that she will be able to create the perfect plan during her internship at her own company.