Betül Sevkan

Betül Sevkan
Studie: Marketing Management
Onderneming: Art by

After traveling for around two years, Betül came back home to start studying international business. She struggled during the pandemic since a lot of activities were limited, so she focused on recording her process creating art on a regular basis as a diary for herself. After a few months her community grew; more and more people joined to her art journey.

Her creations tell stories about eternity, beauty, romance, and art itself. Lately she found herself in abstract expressionism to create space for the viewer’s inner world. Besides her study in international business, she experimented with a few tools to find a pain point in the art community. A lot of people are interested in art, but they don’t have financial resources to afford artworks.

Betül connected her entrepreneurial skills with art and started building her own business. She came to the idea to sell qualitative art prints, which look in the first sight as original artworks, on Etsy and other e commerce websites. ART BY BETUL is her main brand, where she beautifies interior design through unique artworks. Her artworks connect to people on an emotional level.

Betül is very grateful to be able to create art on daily basis and work for her own business in a field, where her passion lies. Currently she is working on building an international customer base through different marketing strategies. In addition to that, she created a couple of months ago her subbrand BANVAS for art supplies. A challenge, which she faced the past two years, is to balance her daily responsibilities in university and her art business.

The Student Entrepreneur status helps Betül to do her internship in her own company in order to be able to invest more time and focus into her business.

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