FBC Talent Academy

Are you extra motivated and do you expect to seek some extra challenge during your studies? Choose the FEC Talent Academy and the Honours Programme!

For students who participate in the Talent Academy, there is a substantial offering of extra challenges in the form of company visits, workshops, and other training sessions. All to help your skills grow both professionally and personally. If that's still not enough, you can apply for the three-year Honours Programme at the end of the first year of your studies.

Honours Programme studenten


During the workshops of Talent Academy, you can participate in weekly workshops on various topics. The goal? You can gain new insights on subjects such as logistics, mental resilience, sustainability, and project management, develop personal characteristics or skills in areas like public speaking, languages, negotiating, and much more. Some of the language courses offered through the Talent Academy workshops include Spanish, Korean, and Dutch.


In addition to developing your professional and personal skills, we will also visit interesting companies within the Brainport region. We usually organize these company visits in collaboration with one of our partners. For this, we often choose larger companies, such as Philips, Lidl, Microsoft, etc. Besides company visits, there are also study trips to places like the EU Parliament in Brussels.

Visit to the EU Parliament
Korean language classes
Visit to Microsoft

Het FEC Honours Programme

The FEC Honours Programme is part of the FEC Talent Academy. You follow this three-year program concurrently with your bachelor's degree. This means that you start during the second year of your studies and finish it concurrently with your degree. If you complete it successfully, you will receive an honours degree equivalent to 15 additional credits towards your diploma.

During the Honours Programme (HP), you focus on personal development, personal leadership, and networking. Therefore, we also expect a bit more from you: you set your own goals and ensure that you achieve them. Naturally, you will be supported by a coach. By participating in this program, you become a member of the Honours Programme community where you interact with people from different backgrounds, allowing you to learn from each other.

  • After successfully completing the three-year Honours Programme and your regular programme, you will graduate with an Honours Degree certificate worth 15 European Credits (ECs) in addition to the ECs that are part of your bachelor's degree;
  • The language of instruction during workshops, events, and meetings is English. During individual coaching sessions and assignments for your personal development, you speak or write Dutch. Don't worry, you don't need to speak English at a high level. You can also develop yourself in that area;
  • Most activities take place on Thursday after 3 PM;
  • For your applications, we do not look at grades, but you must have obtained at least 52 ECTS credits in your first year to be able to participate from your second year of study;
  • There are no additional costs associated with participation.

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My Honours Programme journey so far has been inspiring, impactful, engaging and extremely fun!”
- Serena Milanese

Core values

In the Honours Programme, we have a number of core values. You can only be successful if you adhere to these core values.


You contribute to a safe environment for everyone and approach everything in a positive way.

Diversity en inclusivity

Everyone is welcome and belongs. That's why we speak English during group activities.

Good communication

You listen well and respond thoughtfully. You maintain a good relationship with your fellow students and coaches.


You take initiative and have perseverance. You achieve your goals in a creative way.


You show commitment. Only by being an active part of the Honours Programme can you be successful.


You treat others with respect. You try to resolve conflicts by looking for their causes and talking about them.


You take time for others and also help them achieve their goals.


You understand the beauty of curiosity and try to comprehend complex issues.

What are the benefits?

  • You are developing in the areas of personal leadership, problem-solving ability, and self-management skills;
  • You gain more self-confidence by learning to recognize and use your own strengths;
  • You learn to collaborate better within a team and to manage projects;
  • You belong to a community that has a special, sustainable bond with each other;
  • You will receive an Honours Degree in addition to your bachelor's diploma.

Do you have any questions?

Of course that is possible, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

Send coordinator Bharat an email

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Through the Honours Programme, I was finally able to work towards my dreams and explore endless opportunities, and accept life-changing challenges.”
- Anna-Maria Dimitrova