Increasing the IMPACT of assistive technology

You can download:

Our texts as WORD files

Contents English Danish Dutch Lithuanian
Introduction 2.2 Mb Introduction.doc 1.0 Mb Introduction.doc 2.2 Mb Introductie.doc 2.2 Mb 1_ivadas_lt.doc
Physical impairments 1.9 Mb Physical.doc 6.5 Mb Physical.doc 1.9 Mb Fysiek.doc 1.2 Mb 2_fizine_Lt.doc
Vision impairments 4.4 Mb Vision.doc 1.9 Mb Vision.doc 4.4 Mb Zien.doc 2.0 Mb 3_rega_Lt.doc
Hearing impairments 1.0 Mb Hearing.doc 0.8 Mb Hearing.doc 1.0 Mb Horen.doc 4.5 Mb 4_klausos_Lt.doc
Communication impairments 2.5 Mb Communication.doc 2.2 Mb Communication.doc 2.5 Mb Communicatie.doc 3.0 Mb 5_comunikacijos_lt.doc
Conclusions 0.2 Mb Conclusions.doc 0.2 Mb Introduction.doc 0.2 Mb Concluties.doc 0.5 Mb 6_baigiamasis_lt.doc
Appendices 0.3 Mb Appendices.doc 0.3 Mb Conclusion.doc 0.3 Mb Appendices.doc 0.6 Mb 7_priedai_Lt.doc
All (in one ZIP file) 11. Mb winzip file 11. Mb 11. Mb winzip file 11 Mb

Our texts as PDF files

Contents English Danish Dutch
Introduction 0.7 Mb Introduction.pdf 0.4 Mb DKintroduction.pdf 0.7 Mb Introductie.pdf
Physical impairments 1.3 Mb Physical.pdf 0.7 Mb DKphysical.pdf 1.3 Mb Fysiek.pdf
Vision impairments 1.5 Mb Vision.pdf 1.5 Mb DKvision.pdf 1.5 Mb Zien.pdf
Hearing impairments 0.4 Mb Hearing.pdf 0.4 Mb DKhearing.pdf 0.4 Mb Horen.pdf
Communication impairments 0.5 Mb Communication.pdf 0.7 Mb DKcommunication.pdf 0.5 Mb Communicatie.pdf
Conclusions 0.1 Mb Conclusions.pdf 0.1 Mb DKatis.pdf 0.1 Mb Concluties.pdf
Appendices 0.1 Mb Appendices.pdf 0.3 Mb 7_Appendices.pdf 0.1 Mb Appendices.pdf
All (in one ZIP file) 4.2 Mb winzip file 3.0 Mb 4.2 Mb winzip file

Our multimedia

You can download our multimedia but only the version in which the video has been replaced by photo stills. Otherwise, the size of the download files would be around 100 Mb. Now, the file size is down to about 29 Mb. This does include all three language versions, as those take minimal place.
Please take into account that downloading this can take a while.

Once you have downloaded our SETUP.EXE, you will have to run this programme for the multimedia to install itself.
Good luck: download the 29Mb SETUP.EXE file

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