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  • Authors: Goedee, John; Kuijsters-Timmers, Nanny; Leenders, Ronald
    Date: 2018-01-08
    Type: Paper
    Domain: communication studies; economics; medicine; recreation, leisure activities
    Subject: organised sports, social networking sites, sportverenigingen, typology, virtual community, voluntary sports clubs
    Magazine: Book of abstracts
  • Authors: Kuijsters-Timmers, Nanny
    Date: 2017-09-01
    Type: Paper
    Domain: Recreatie, vrijetijdsbesteding
    Subject: SNS, social networking sites, VCB, virtual community building, voluntary sports clubs, VSC
    Magazine: The 25th EASM Conference 5–8 September 2017 Bern and Magglingen, Switzerland, Challenges and Developments of Sport Organisations Book of Abstracts
  • Authors: Breuer, Christoph; Scheerder, Jeroen; Vos, Steven; Wicker, Pamela
    Date: 2013
    Type: Article
    Domain: recreation, leisure activities
    Subject: organizational arrangements, resource dependence theory, Rhineland welfare state, sports policy system, voluntary sports clubs
    Magazine: International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics