Number of results: 3
  • Authors: Akkerman, Sanne; Niessen, Theo
    Date: 2011
    Type: Book part
    Domain: science and culture in general; social sciences
    Subject: Boundary, Dialogical theory, Dialogue, Dialoog, Leren
    Magazine: Dialogically in Focus: Challenges to Theory, Method and Application.
  • Authors: Jacobs, Gaby
    Date: 2010
    Type: Article
    Domain: pedagogics; social sciences
    Subject: Action Research, Dialogue, Participation
    Magazine: Action Research
  • Authors: Abma, Tineke; Niessen, Theo; Vleuten, van der, Cees; Widdershoven, Guy
    Date: 2009
    Type: Book part
    Domain: social sciences; teaching
    Subject: Dialogue, Dialoog, Learning, Leren, PGO, Probleem gestuurd onderwijs, Responsieve evaluatie, Responsive evaluation