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Music and Performing Arts | Jazz & Creative Music

    Originating in the United States, jazz has now conquered the entire world, resulting in an enormous musical versatility. At MPA Jazz & Creative Music we embrace the past, but the present is just as important. As a student you'll learn the craftmanship that is necessary to become an excellent musician, and you are also encouraged to develop your own creativity and find your own sound and voice. Since music, and especially improvisation, is all about interaction, we present specialized ensembles such as modern creative, Nordic jazz, Latin, chamber jazz, big band, free jazz, and fusion & electronic jazz. And of course your craftmanship and creativity will be stimulated during lessons with your main subject teacher.
    The lessons at MPA Jazz & Creative Music are presented by teachers who are part of the (inter)national jazz scene, and know how to connect the musical past and present. Moreover, in the third year you can complete part of your educational programme with teachers of your own preference. In addition, there are exchanges with the 'Fontys Rockacademie', for example in the field of sound design, and with MPA Classical in the field of compostition. You'll also find inspiration during our special project weeks in which appealing teachers from outside the school will have a week full of musical challenges in store for you. MPA collaborates with the contemporary music festival November Music in Den Bosch, amongst others.
    Since the 1970s, Tilburg has been known for the 'Tilburgse School', a creative jazz movement that has led, amongst other things, to the founding of Paradox. This is the most important jazz venue in the South of the Netherlands with an international concert programme. MPA works closely with Paradox. As a student you'll experience what it takes to become a professional musician from the start. You'll develop your skills during the weekly jazz sessions, attend concerts at a discount, follow international master classes, and perform in Paradox with your ensembles. The venue is also the home base to Paradox Jazz Orchestra, one of the finest Dutch big bands. MPA students also perform during festivals such as Sound of Europe (Breda) and Jazz in Duketown (Den Bosch), and at Muziekcentrum Eindhoven.
    Because MPA Jazz & Creative Music focuses on an inspiring learning environment with a lot of personal attention, and the connection to the professional field is always present, attending our programme offers several opportunities for graduated musicians. For example, many of our former students have been selected for the Music Hub Noord-Brabant guidance programme, which has given them a kick-start for their careers. Paradox is also a home base for rehearsals, album presentations and special projects, and former MPA students are given plenty of opportunities at other venues and festivals as well.

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          Photos by Rens Bressers & Koektrommel Studio & Claudia Hansen