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ICT & Creative Technology

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ICT & Creative Technology

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You can’t imagine our society without technology anymore, can you?

Technology is intertwined with our daily lives. It enhances our lives while touching on our privacy. It can mobilise people to interact with each other, it can take us to the moon, it can make cars drive themselves – the possibilities are endless.

With ICT & Creative Technology, you learn how to develop a personal perspective on technologies of the past, present and future. You get a deeper connection with creativity in general and your own creativity, always in the context of (emerging) technologies. You use a diversity of technologies to create an impact on society.

In the ICT & Creative Technology specialisation, you start from:

  • either an impact you want to make and researching the potential of a technology to create it;
  • or a technology of your choice and investigating how you can make an impact with it.

During the semester, you will explore your creative self, do lots of technology experiments, design interactive experiences, get inspired by regular field trips, discuss ethics, and eventually become an expert in creating innovative possibilities with technology.