Webinar 'How to develop motivation' – dr. Martijn van der Spoel

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Do you… 
• find it challenging to generate motivation to study? 
• find it difficult to develop effective revision routines? 
• find it hard to engage because of all the changes due to COVID-19? 

The 'motivation reframed' webinar… 
• motivates the student to do revision 
• creates a culture of engagement 
• gives clear tips to support learning 
• is based on a structure of expectation which makes ‘tasting success’ accountable. 

"Participants will experience motivation in short psychological activities and tests to illustrate the points made and will “feel” learning. All participants will leave the sessions with clear ideas, suggestions and tried and tested tips about how to increase their motivation to learn. From a brain point of view, no-one can escape the fact that you yourself are probably the most important teacher in your life. Please, come prepared to think."

Educational Psychologist Dr. Martijn van der Spoel hosted a webinar (4 sessions) about creating and retaining motivation, especially for Fontys students. You will leave the sessions with a better understanding which steps you can take to target higher motivation levels.

Watch session 1 / Available till 14th of December

- Session 2 PITCH - HOW DO I THINK?:
Watch session 2 / Available till 15th of December

- Session 3 PLAN - HOW DO I PREPARE?:
Watch session 3 / Available till 16th of December

- Session 4 PLAN - HOW DO I KEEP GOING?:
Watch session 4 / Available till 17th of December

We suggest to watch all four of the live-sessions. The webinars are in English. You can find more information about ACI Student Plus and other activities we organize on this page.


Auteur: Elin Ram