Fontys students develop insect-based products

The goal of the project is to present suitable product concepts for the Dutch (and German) food market not only to the teachers, but also to the network of the new emerging insect industry.

chocolate spread

Have you ever tried insects? A "yes" to this question is not very likely, neither in the Netherlands, nor in Germany - most Northwest Europeans have not yet eaten insects. But that should change. There are good reasons to include insects (flour) in our daily food. One of the reasons is the environment - because insect proteins can be extracted more efficiently and with less emissions than animal proteins from warm-blooded animals. The second reason is health, because scientists attribute great advantages to the small six-legged friends when it comes to the supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in addition to proteins. In short, we are dealing with a new market segment that many stakeholders see as a great opportunity. To support the developments in the sector, Fontys, HAS, Maastricht University College Venlo cooperate in projects in the field of insects. And with the course Fresh Business Management Fontys International Business School offers project and research capabilities to stimulate developments.

On December 17, the Research Group Business Innovation, which supports the project, organizes a networking event: "Get Insected" at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. The students will present their product concepts and this will be framed by an interesting program with guest speakers from Fontys, Maastricht University Venlo, Fontys Eindhoven and Protifarm. Insect Valley Europe and the partners of the ValuSect project are invited to listen to this hybrid activity together with students and lecturers.