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Cross-border grocery shopping of generation Z

My name is Estelle Chavet.

Based on the facts that the Netherlands is strongly dependent on the border purchases of the Germans, the following thesis arises for me for my project: Through which push and pull factors is the interest in border food purchases aroused among consumers of Generation Z, using the example of Venlo/Lower Rhine?

The focus will be specifically on Generation Z, as they will be the largest buyer generation in the future. In order to get a possible specific work, the research will also be factually narrowed down to the food retail in Venlo.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine, by means of a theoretical basic analysis and its own quantitative empirical investigation, whether and which effects are responsible for what motivates and drives Generation Z consumers from the border region of North Rhine-Westphalia to buy groceries. In addition, it is important to explore how the cross-border LEH can subsequently lead an optimal target-group-oriented approach.

Contact: Estelle Chavet, e.chavet@fontys.nl, +31 8850 734 77.