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Fontys Teacher Training College for Special Educational Needs is a university of Applied Sciences, that offers courses in 'Special Educational Needs'. Fontys OSO is working in four fields: Special Education, Youth care, Transition to work and Leisure time activities (before school start; after school services).


Facts & figures

Fontys OSO has, at the moment, some 3,900 students. 450 Lecturers/researchers are working at Fontys OSO (155 full-time equivalents). About 80 colleagues are working nearly full-time. The others are working on a part time basis. Fontys OSO is number 13 within Fontys University (out of 38 schools). Fontys OSO started in 1929 and is one of the oldest teacher training institutes in the Netherlands. There are 3 OSOs in the Netherlands: Utrecht, Zwolle, Tilburg (Fontys). Fontys is the biggest one.



Fontys OSO has her accreditation for a Dutch SEN Master (Special Educational Needs).  Besides this Dutch Master SEN, Fontys OSO is offering two other Master programmes:

1.      An Academic Master SEN in co-operation with Roehampton University London for Dutch students. (Part-time; 2 years; 90 ECTS points; student workload 90 * 28 hours) resulting in a MA SEN from Roehampton University.

2.      An Academic Master SEN (Erasmus Mundus, EU-programme, in co-operation between Roehampton University, Fontys OSO and Charles University Prague (for both EU and non-EU  students) awarded with a joint award of a MA from Roehampton University and a Mgr. - Magstr from Charles University.


Fontys OSO and professorates

We currently have 2 professorates:

1.      Interactive knowledge construction and interactive professionalisation (vacancy).

2.      Ms. Anita Blonk, PhD: Evaluation/action research in the field of SEN (in co-operation with Radboud University Nijmegen (department of SEN)

Each professorate has a network of researchers. The first network consists of 5 OSO-researchers (lecturers) and 2 PhD-students. The professorate of Anita Blonk is linked with four external partners, who have sent a researcher out of their own organisation. Fontys OSO has agreed to link an OSO-researcher/lecturer to each external researcher. This professorate has 1 PhD-student.


International affairs
Fontys OSO is developing her international tasks, linked with the research work of the professors, done by one of its lectors:

- We are working in international projects in Middle and Eastern Europe (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia)

- We are participating in EU-projects in the field of ‘transition to work’ and ‘handicapped students studying at universities’

- We are members of international organisations, like CARN and EASPD

- We are participating in a European project about inclusion

Contact information

Fontys Teacher Training College for Special Educational Needs 

For mail, please use our P.O. Box:

P.O. Box 90900
5000 GA Tilburg


Phone: +31 877 877 133
Telefax: +31 877 875 900



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